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During my first foot reflexology treatment I had freedom from pain of arthiritis,  I litterally enjoyed a wonderfull walk.                         Thomas......

I get total feeling of well-being .  Both physically and mentally.  My body does not hurt after session and it is continuous.  I don't experience any negativity.

During my Reiki treatments I have begun to feel more in
tune with my body.  I am more able to relax, the Chakra Balancing has helped me to focus my mind and get to the heart of my personal concerns.  Reflexology has given me
the gift of being able to help my body and mind feel better.                                         Angie.....    

Debbie's Serenity Room
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist
8 Beckwith Street South  Smiths Falls, Ontario
613.283.9997   613.283.1508

Mmmmmmh !   Hot Rocks....Wow
I had this treatment along with reflexology and wow!. The warmth from the rocks combined to surround me in a fuzzy like security blanket.
Muscles relaxed, mind cleared..Beautiful ! Thanks
see you next week  .    Allison
Reflexology works great for relieving my migraines and makes it easy for me to relax and sleep.  It's an all over relaxing foot massage that your body benefits from.   Marcia

Rosie and Fancie are both being treated by Debbie with Reiki, Rosie had a n accident in 2003 leaving her with back and hip pain and weakness in her back legs.  After a few Reiki treatments she was walking much better.
 not sinking when standing for a few seconds.  She is much happier now and
 has a  little  run and play when out in the yard. Fancie had only a couple of
treatments but is already looking and feeling better.  I would certainly
recommend this for my pet, especially the senior  ones.  As well I have tried 
Reiki myself and it certainly makes one feel better.